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Disruption, on demand 

Modern is the digital innovation and design partner

for an accelerating world. 

The barriers to exploring new ideas and making

things happen have never been lower.

In today’s world we have the unprecedented ability to read the market in real time, adjust, seize opportunities and make the future without guessing. Modern was founded to help global brand leaders take full advantage of this new reality

  • New products and services

  • New business models

  • New ways of living and working 


The Modern way is the capacity to relentlessly experiment and learn your way forward like the world's most successful organizations.   


Introducing RapidX


The engine of progress

RapidX is your fully-equipped, always-on innovation lab. Small, dedicated teams work with you and your customers in a continuous cycle of prototype, measure and learn; quickly discarding ideas that don’t work and doubling down on those that do.


Dedicated teams learn faster and cover more ground, allowing organizations of any size to compete with startup speed and agility. 



Identify promising

growth opportunities. 



Iteratively prototype and test ideas with users.



Scale ideas with market

acceptance. Discard the rest. 

The Modern Edge

Transformative Customer Understanding. Whoever knows their customer best wins. We stay in constant touch with yours, giving you a relentless outside-in perspective and powerful competitive advantage.


Ideas Plus Evidence. We generate not just ideas but the evidence you need to make better decisions, build consensus and move forward with confidence.

Highly Maneuverable. Seasoned expertise with startup execution.

All-Inclusive. You get a dedicated team with research, design, testing, facilities, software and related expenses all-inclusive. No change orders, extras or other slow-downs.

Progress Guaranteed. We guarantee that we’ll cover more ground, generate more insight, know your customers better and take up less of your time doing it than any team you’ve worked with or we’ll refund half of our fees.



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New York  |  USA

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