The thrill of discovery 

Modern is the rapid innovation partner for enterprises, inventing new products, services and business models for new generations of customers. 

Recognized as a 20 top leader at the intersection of research, design and product in Alpha's 2019 Year in Review 

The barriers to exploring new ideas and making

things happen have never been lower.

In today’s world we have the unprecedented ability to read the market in real time, adjust, seize opportunities and make the future without guessing. Modern was founded to help enterprise leaders take full advantage of this new reality

  • Supercharge your capabilities

  • Navigate uncertainty

  • Find what works


We Can't Build Tomorrow Using Yesterday's Tools

Conventional consulting models weren't built for today's possibilities, so we created one that is. Small, fast-moving teams work with you and your customers in a continuous cycle of prototype, test and learn; quickly discarding ideas that don’t work and doubling down on those that do.



Identify promising

growth opportunities. 



Iteratively prototype and test ideas with users.



Deploy ideas with market

acceptance. Discard the rest. 


Enterprise Agility

Establish a culture of innovation

Current State Assessment

Evaluate your current innovation capacity and map the way forward. 


Innovation Ecosystem Design

Become an adaptive organization able to operate core businesses at scale while simultaneously adapting to change through continuous learning, self-disruption, intensive customer focus and delivery of new growth.

Ongoing Leadership Coaching

Support as growth boards manage your pipeline of innovation opportunities.

Digital Experience Design

Consistently deliver greatness


Rapidly explore and validate new ideas and business models to create future growth. 



Leverage outside eyes and a Day 1 mindset to refresh your existing digital assets for peak performance.


Supercharge your capabilities with a dedicated, always-on innovation team trained in the latest tools and techniques, tackling your big and small opportunities year-round. Skills transfer included. Fixed monthly fee.



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Modern is a founding corporate member of the Future Skills Network -- a collective of firms and thinkers who are reshaping business practices for the 21st century.

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