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Modern Co-founder Recognized as Top 20 Product Leader of 2019

Updated: Jun 25

Alpha's 2019 Year in Review spotlights the founders, thought leaders, CEOs, authors, and product leaders who helped push the industry forward in 2019.

Modern co-founder Scott McDonald was recognized this week by on-demand insights platform Alpha for his leadership in re-inventing consulting models for today's opportunities.

According to the report, today's leading companies are embracing product management best practices like experimentation, gathering customer feedback and evidence-based decision-making as necessary techniques for solving problems and delivering breakthrough innovations.

"Scott saw that companies and their consultants were evolving too slowly for today’s faster-moving realities and not taking advantage of the latest tools and techniques, so he created Modern Accelerator. Modern builds customer research and testing directly into its design approach. Modern teams reach out to the market for insight as needed throughout the design process, using whichever tools and techniques makes the most sense. He founded his firm on the belief that design and research are one and the same, and that one compact team can effectively perform continuous research, design and testing in order to build successful products." - 2019 Year in Review

Read the full report here: https://alphahq.com/2019-year-in-review/

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