Free Download: The 2021 Innovator's Handbook

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

If you're a corporate innovator, this is your bible to help you achieve more with less, faster, in the month's ahead.

Our role as corporate innovators is more important than ever. Yet at the same time, the calls to do more, with less, faster and get it right the first time are more urgent than ever.

Recently we participated in a 10-week collaborative learning program, The Innov8rs Connect Unconference, with participants working their challenges supported by peers and guided by experts.

The Innovator's Handbook 2021 summarizes what was discussed in the 100+ sessions throughout the program, offering you a comprehensive overview of the best and latest in corporate innovation.

Inside, you'll find contributions from more than 35 global thought leaders including Alexander Osterwalder, Rita McGrath, Tendayi Viki, Scott Anthony and Modern's Scott McDonald and Jonathan Bertfield.

This handbook will help you reflect and refocus, so that you can benchmark your approach and find new and different ways to reach your goals.

Download your free copy of The Innovators Handbook here.

The Innovator's Handbook 2021
Download PDF • 4.80MB

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